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The Spring Back Guide

Changing How Women Return to Work

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organisations have an expensive problem.

Women leaving your organisation after maternity leave is costing you your talent, your money, your time, and your reputation.

Brain drain, hiring costs, team disruption, diversity impact, branding, employee loyalty, legal risks, and gender pay gap can all cause huge disruption.

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Mothers Day working mother

and it's getting worse

The UK is one of the most expensive places in the world to have children. An average full time nursery place in 2023 in the UK is £15,000 (higher in London), and this is increasing.

This means that many of your women returners are having to make tough decisions in a structurally unsupportive environment.

And many just quit.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

the spring back guide

is your digital-based coaching solution

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Supplements existing KIT days + maternity provision with customisable, time efficient, and innovative support

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Coaching improves employee retention up to 90% post maternity leave*

*sources: EY Report 2013, International Coaching Federation 2017,XPert HR 2022, CEO Today 2022

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Minimises need for costly external hiring through supporting women from start to end of their career with your organisation


Supports pre-, during and post- maternity leave: for holistic, end-to-end employee engagement throughout their maternity journey

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Helps you attract top talent by demonstrating a commitment to Diversity and Inclusion with a brilliant ‘Returnity’ package


Provides curated insights to future-proof your organisation towards progressive return to work policies

"But we already support our women returners"

Are you sure?

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Your KIT days and phased returns alone don't work

Childcare issues + sickness can hamper KIT days, and have been proven to increase anxiety for women struggling postnatally*. The Guide can be done from a phone. Anytime, anywhere.


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Our Guide is a fraction of the cost of in-person coaching

We give time back to any internal coaches, and remove the need for external per diem coaches, by providing hybrid support - giving your employees all the accessibility and flex of a digital guide, with all the personalisation of 1:1 Coaching

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We offer a customisable model to maximise your success

Our Guide is designed to provide tailored support for both YOU as an organisation and your Women Returners - offering dedicated policy insights and workshops to allow for continual learning that clearly demonstrate a commitment to a positive People Culture.

our offer

digital support

  • Year-long access to all 3 Chapters of the Guide:
    • Putting Yourself First
    • Get Your Confidence Back
    • Working Better with your Partner (n.b: lone parenting adaptation available on request)

  • Complete Template Returnity Plan for personalised progress tracking

  • Access to 'Perks Page' for exclusive discounts against specialised support in postnatal Nutrition, Exercise, Physiotherapy, Sleep and Childcare

  • 3 x Personal Coaching emails on any length or topic from a Professional Coach, redeemable any time

  • Weekly Back to Work Emails on maintaining balance

personal support

  • Individual, holistic 1:1 coaching support for both professional and personal challenges with tailored solutions

  • Pre, During and Post Maternity Leave

  • Contents:

    • 30 mins pre-Maternity Leave 1:1 Coaching

    • 60 mins pre-Return 1:1 Coaching

    • Complete revision of ‘Returnity’ plan

    • 60 mins post-Return progress call

    • Written progress roadmap to success, with clear next steps
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teamwork support

our bundles

provide a year of support for your women returners


5 licenses

Run your Returnity journeys with a small scale approach:

  • £5000 for Digital + Personal Support for 5 individuals available for a year from first login



10 licenses

State your commitment to your employees by creating a community of returners in your organisation:

  • Digital + Personal Support for 10 individuals available for a year from first login
  • 5% total discount = £10000 £9500



20 licenses

Take your business to the next level building a future-proof culture centred on inclusivity:

  • Digital + Personal Support for 10 individuals available for a year from first login
  • 10% total discount = £00000 £18000



to become world-class employers in ‘Returnity’

Policy Reviews

  • Complete reviews of Maternity / Return to Work policies: £2000

  • ‘Map and gap’ analysis to create excellent Returnity Policy

  • Bespoke recommendations based on desired outcomes

  • Roadmap to success



  • ‘Back in Business’ Returnity Workshops (4h) £4000

    • Available for: Pre-maternity leavers / Maternity leavers / Parents / Managers of Maternity Leavers
    • Up to 15 attendees
    • Can be done ad hoc / rolling monthly



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"I couldn't recommend it more highly"

"It got the best out of me, and through this I have returned to work as a mum AND as a professional... It was a fantastic experience. If you’re stuck or feeling a bit lost after mat leave, The Spring Back Guide is for you."

"Letty went above and beyond"

"Letty didn't stop until I had a clear path forward and goal to work on - she went above and beyond. I would definitely recommend Letty and encourage all new mu returning to work and thinking about Coaching to do the Spring Back Guide - you won't regret it."


"I felt so much happier in my role and my sense of self"

“The style of coaching is very personal.

I would recommend it to anyone.”


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Letty Gordon-Furse is the Founding Coach of The Spring Back Guide and Pioneer of the “Returnity Approach” for retaining excellent female talent.

She has a Level 7 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring from the CMI, and is a qualified Practitioner of both Neurolinguistic Programming Coaching (NLP) and Personality Typology (MBTI). All of these form the basis of her Guides. She also holds an MSc in International Business and Management.

Letty has had her own Coaching Company for the past 5 years. It didn't take long to specialise in Women Returners, which led her to build the Spring Back Guide - to fulfill her mission of making excellent Coaching accessible for as many women as possible to Go Back Happy.

She has a thriving Instagram community, a Podcast sharing inspiring back to work stories, 2 children, and is based in the UK.

help your employees go back happy

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